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Digital All in One Sequential Compressor w/ Pair Full Leg Garment (X Large) Complete Set.
Digital All in One Sequential Compressor w/ Pair Full Leg Garment (X Large) Complete Set
Item#: P1000-DXLF
Regular price: $888.00
Sale price: $588.00

Product Description
- Lymphedema, DVT, Arterial System, Sports Injuries, Sports Recovery and painful, swollen, stiffness, heavy, cold, tension and more.

- FDA 510K Medical Grade Device Cleared & Registered / OVERLAPPING GARMENT / Made in U.S.A.

- 10 Different Mode System : Gradient Sequential, Peristaltic, Non Sequential, DVT, Arterial, Intensive Chamber Massage (Foot, Ankle, Calf, Thigh) / Inflation (5-24 sec) & Deflation (0-45 sec) time Adjustable / Pressure 20 to 100 mmHg or more / SAVE(Memory), RESET Program / 99 min & continuous Timer

- LCD Screen / Quick & Easy to use Connector w/Safety Lock System / 220-240v Machine available with FREE Multiple Adapter

- Garment Cover Size: Ankle up to 19", Mid Calf up to 23", Knee up to 25", Mid Thigh up to 30"

- Certificate of Calibration + - 1% Accuracy F.S. / Cytotoxicity Test, Delayed Hypersensitivity / Animal Skin Irritation Test Pass (ISO 10993-, 10) / Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrical Safety Test Pass


A1 Mode: Peristaltic Compression Mode (HCPCS E0651) A2 Mode: Non-Segmental Compression Mode (HCPCS E0650) C Mode: Gradient Sequential Compression Mode (HCPCS E0651) E Mode: Arterial Gradient Sequential Mode (HCPCS E0675) F Mode: DVT Prophylaxis Mode / 3 Chamber (HCPCS E0676) B Mode: Foot & Ankle / Calf & Thigh Compression Mode 1 Mode: DVT Prophylaxis Mode / Non-Segmental (HCPCS E0676) 1 to 4 Mode: Intensive Massage Mode (Foot, Ankle, Calf or Thigh)


Voltage: 110V 60Hz or 220 - 240V 50/60 Hz Product Size: 12" L x 9" W x 6" H Product Weight: 7 lbs