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DVT Prophylaxis System
DVT Prophylaxis System DVT Prophylaxis System

* Intermittent Pneumatic Compression * Pre-Set Pressures : No adjustments, Easy of use

* Foot, Calf / Thigh Treatment * Power on Indicator

* Self-sealing Snap-Lock Connectors * Alternate Inflation (second garment inflates 15 sec after)

* Cycle: 15 sec inflation / 45 sec deflation (appx) * Pressure: Foot 80 mmHg, Calf/Thigh 40 mmHg (appx)

* Single or Bilateral Garment available DVT GARMENT :

* Light, Cool, Comfortable, Breathable Fabric Material * Latex-Free

* Simple Adjustment to Different Limb Shapes * Easy to Apply and Remove (Hook and Loop Closure)

Calf Garment

Regular Size (Item No. 1080) - Circumference Cover up to 18"

Large Size (Item No. 1081) - Circumference Cover up to 24"

Calf/Thigh Garment

Regular Size (Item No. 1082) - Mid Thigh Circumference Cover up to 28"

Large Size (Item No. 1083) - Mid Thigh Circumference Cover up to 35"

Foot Garment - One Size


* Severe Congestive Cardiac Failure * Severe Arteriosclerosis or other Ischemic Vascular Disease

* Extreme Deformity of the Limbs *Known or Suspected Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis

* Any local condition in which garments would interfere, for example Gangrene, Untreated / Infected leg wounds, Recent skin graft, Dermatitis

DVT Prophylaxis System - Complete Set
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Sale price: $599.00