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Sequential Massage Compression System
Sequential Massage Compression SystemSequential Massage Compression System
Sequential Massage Compression System

(Best for Muscle Massage Therapy System)

1. Relieve Painful, Swollen Thigh, Leg, Feet & Arm

2. Relieve Cold, Heavy, Stiffness, Tension Leg & Arm

3. Warm up and Relax muscles

- Pressure: 20 ~ 100 mmHg

- Easy to set Pressure / Safety & Lock System / Easy to Transport / Secure & Safe Package - PE Foam

- 60 min Timer & Continuous Mode

- 4 Chamber Sequential Operation

- Cycle Time: Inflation: 15 sec inflation / deflation per chamber one after another

If you need a bigger size sleeves, please contact us at Toll Free 866-990-1168 , 818-998-1023 or at

How do I set the pressure on the pump?

Take the patient blood pressure if possible. The lower of the two pressures is the diastolic blood pressure. If its 120/80, 80 would be the diastolic pressure. The pumps pressure should never be set to exceed the patients diastolic pressure. The pumps pressure in fact should be set 15%-20% or more below the patients diastolic pressure. Exceeding this pressure will over pressurize the tissues by overcoming the body's own innate pressure. It is appropriate to start at a lower pressure (15mmHg below diastolic) and set the pump according to the patients comfort. Higher pressures are not always better. You can increase the pressure if the patient feels comfortable or if you need higher pressures to overcome fibrosis and other related conditions. Most Lymphedema Therapists recommend Arm patients should generally not go above 40 mmHG of pump pressure.

How often do I use the pump?

Patients should try to use the pump from one to four hours daily. It is more advantageous to pump in the evening before bedtime. If the patient needs to break up treatment they should divide it into two sessions twice daily. From thirty minutes to as much as two hours in the morning, and a similar amount in the evening before bedtime. They will usually start using the pump every day for one to two hours. After they reach a plateau they can start a maintenance schedule of every other day, to every second day and then twice weekly. Every patient is different and are treated appropriately. No changes in therapy should be made without authorization from the patients physician.

General Equipment Specification

Size: 11.81 (L) x 8.27 (W) x 5.12 (H)

Electrical: 120 Voltage, 60 Hz, 14VA, F500mAH 250V

220 ~ 240V 50/60 Hz Machine Available without any extra charge. (Ship to worldwide)

Electromagnetic Compatibility / Electrical Safety Test Pass

Power Cord: 10 ft, 3 wire w/protective ground

Weight: 6 lbs (pump only), Carton: 10 lbs

Case Material: ABS Plastic

Our All Compression Garments are

Latex Free, Non Stretch Fabric

Cytotoxicity Test, Delayed Hypersensitivity, Animal Skin Irritation Test Pass (ISO 10993-5, 10)

Made In U.S.A.

Air Sequential Massage Compression Therapy - Complete (L Size) Half Leg Set
Regular price: $574.00
Sale price: $399.00
Air Sequential Compression Therapy - Complete XL Half Leg Set
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Air Sequential Compression Therapy - Complete L Size Full Leg Set
Regular price: $574.00
Sale price: $399.00
Sequential Compression Massage Therapy - Complete XL Full Leg Set
Regular price: $669.00
Sale price: $419.00